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Refinishing Floors

Choosing the Right Floor Finish

Just Floored LLC. is the top floor installation company in the Greater Atlanta Area. They are experts in wood floor installation as well as wood floor refinishing. Wood Floor Finishes come in various sheens and can be either low VOCs, no VOCs, or HIgh VOCs depending on the the product chosen. Just Floored offers Monocoat products that give the client the best choices in floor finishes. Choose from oil based finishes to low VOC water based finishes, call Just Floored, LLC today at 1-855-452-2500

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New Thicker Engineered Flooring

New Engineered Flooring tha comes in 3 1/4" x 1/2" or 5" x 1/2" planks! These engineered flooring is that it can be refinished several times by sanding and refinishing, just like hardwood floors!

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Hurricane Matthew Floor Repair

Just Floored LLC is ready, willing and able to assist homeowners of the North Florida Atlantic Coast with restoring, refinishing or replacing their hardwood floors that may have been damaged by Hurricane Matthew from water damage, wind, sand or other problems arising from strong wind, rain, hail or flooding.

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Hardwood Floors Low VOC's, No VOC's

Just Floored, LLC is proud to offer low VOC and No VOC's wood floor products that have lower or no formaldehyde for a better, healthy environment. For years, formaldehyde has been used in the engineered wood floors as well as subfloors to fuse layers of real wood to layers of plywood, birch or pine in wood floors as well as wood floor finishes. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound which at room temperature emits an off gas into the air which is actually harmful to people's health.

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Refinish or Replace Wood Floors

Just Floored, LLC faces the question of whether to refinish existing hardwood floors or replacing hardwood floors from homeowners and business owners every day. It is true you can save money by just refinishing the hardwood floors on site, it is not always possible or cost effective.
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Dustless Sanding Wood Floors

Just Floored, LLC offers professional wood floor refinishing using the "dustless sanding" method and hardwood floor installation for homeowners and business owners to keep your house clean while installing or refinishing your wood floors. Not only does this "green" method of sanding keep the micro particles created when sanding down, it helps keep the fumes down. You will not only love the refinishing floor job and installation job by our highly trained professionals, but you will enjoy the safety of clean air.

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