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New Thicker Engineered Flooring

New Thicker Engineered Flooring

Just Floored LLC is the foremost flooring installation and restoration, company to call to install or refinish your hardwood floors. But did you know there is a new product available in Engineered Flooring that comes in a nice wide plank and is 1/2" thick! The beauty of this new innovation in engineered flooring is that it can be refinished several times by sanding and refinishing, just like hardwood floors! These new flooring planks have a veneer thickness of 5mm and are ready for everyday abuse from children, pets and just walking with high heels. Planks come in two sizes, 3 1/4" x 1/2" or 5" x 1/2". It is a 7 ply + veneer product which means it has more stability than products with less layers. This makes this new Engineered Hardwoods the thickest veneer in the industry which means it can be sanded 2 or 3 times, just like regular hardwood flooring!

Benefits of Thicker Engineered Hardwoods:

  • Good looking wide planks
  • Can install over concrete or wood subfloors
  • The thicker planks mean longer lasting floors
  • Planks are longer in length for faster installation
  • Overall higher quality with new innovation
  • Extremely hard finish, containing aluminum oxide with a 35 year warranty
  • Low prices, $2.79 for 3 1/4" x 1/2" and $2.99 for 5" x 1/2"

Our new wider plank engineered hardwood flooring is more resistant to moisture therefore more stable. Traditional engineered floors were designed to withstand moisture and be laid over a concrete subfloor. It can be laid over plywood by nailing it down as well.

Just Floored LLC offers professional engineered floor installation or refinishing which includes dustless sanding of the engineered flooring to remove blemishes, gouges and other marks, as well as remove the current finish and stain. Prior to the thicker 5mm veneer, refinishing engineered flooring was not possible as the veneer was too thin. Using the "Dustless Sanding" method helps reduce the amount of dust that would happen from sanding and helps keep your indoor air clean. We also offer Low VOC's or No VOC's in products in the floor refinishing process for a clean environment.

More Wood Floor Stability

Have a basement you want to put hardwood floors in? Because of moisture issues, hardwoods have not been recommended. But hose days are over! With the new 5mm Engineered Flooring, basements are a good candidate for these wide plank floors. The heavy veneer can be refinished as many times as you would refinish hardwoods so they will last many years. And because they are made from engineered hardwoods, they are more resistant to moisture and more stable.

Our thick 1/2" Engineered Hardwoods come prefinished in many stain colors, widths, and finishes. Call us for a free, no obligation in-home consultation to show you samples and measure rooms to give you a quote. We can install the thicker Engineered Flooring on concrete or wood subfloors. We will prepare your concrete floors and install a moisture barrier, or an adhesive that has a moisture barrier in it.

Cost Comparison

Typically, real hardwood floors will cost more than Engineered Hardwoods, and some people prefer hardwoods. But to save on cost and add durability, 1/2" thick new Engineered Flooring is a great choice. They can be installed in areas that hardwoods shouldn't, and now that they can be sanded several times over their lifetime, they are more popular than ever. The style choices are endless, and they are just beautiful.

Call Just Floored LLC for a fast, no obligation quote. Our workmanship is superior and are prices are the best in the area.

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