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Choosing the Right Floor Finish

Choosing the Right Floor Finish

Oil based (high VOC) vs. water based (low VOC) vs. all-natural (no VOC) finishes

Just Floored LLC. is the top floor installation company in the Greater Atlanta Area. They are experts in wood floor installation as well as wood floor refinishing. Wood Floor Finishes come in various sheens and can be either low VOCs, no VOCs, or HIgh VOCs depending on the the product chosen. Just Floored offers Monocoat products that give the client the best choices in floor finishes.

Water Based Finishes vs Oil Based Finishes

Many customers want to know what is the difference between water based polyurethane products and oil based. They both will protect your newly installed wood floors or newly refinished floors, for many years and provide a beautiful finish. But there are differences that can help clients choose the best choice for themselves when deciding on the coating. Here are a few of the differences:

Oil Based Coatings:

  • Coatings can only be applied once or twice in a single day
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Only two coats needed
  • Strong fumes
  • Harder to scratch up
  • Amber tone that darkens over time
  • Less Expensive that water based coatings
  • Looks good on yellowy woods like oak, cherry or exotic woods

Water Based Coatings:

  • Less Odor than oil based
  • Dries faster that oil based
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Clear coating doesn't age
  • Needs three coats
  • More expensive than oil based
  • Scratches easier than oil based
  • Looks good on light or grey wood like pine or fir

Why Choose Monocoat Products?

Just Floored LLC has been offering new flooring installations coated with Monocoat products or dustless floor refinishing with Monocoat coatings for years due to the high quality of the coatings. Monocoat offers a floor finish that is plant based and all natural. This product has no VOCs and is non-toxic, which is perfect with families that have members with allergies or sensitive to chemicals, babies and small children as well as pets. It is a green, environmentally product that produces a beautiful job that clients rave about!

Choices for wood floor finishes include a clear coat as well as 25 different color finishes. Monocoat finishes only need one coat and require less maintenance than other products. It attaches to the wood at the molecular level whereas polyurethane finishes seal the wood instead. Monocoat finishes work best on woods such as oak flooring, whereas bamboo or other tightly grained, oily woods, or really old flooring, are better suited to polyurethane products.

Special Effects with Monocoat Finishes

Monocoat offers various color finishes as well as designer finishes such as an aged look that works on all hardwoods and has no toxic fumes. We have used these finishes extensively and can vouch for their ease of use, durability and great looks. Call us today at 1-855-452-2500.  We can send a professional out to evaluate your home or business and give you a free, no obligation quote on refinishing your floors, or installing brand new hardwood flooring.



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